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With each client that we speak to about a project we go through 2 steps before determining the cost of a project. Below you can learn about these 2 simple steps.

Step 1:

We would ask you (a)how many pages you need (b)how many images you want on the site (c)what type of site do you need… Is it a personal, or business website? or an eCommerce site that you plan to sell products from? Perhaps it is a more custom based website where you wish to do something on a more technical level? We would also ask you at this time to provide us with a basic idea of what you want the site to look like structurally. These are all things we would need to learn more about before a price can be provided.


Step 2:

You provide us with the answers to the questions laid out in step 1, and we will then review it and email you back with a quote as well as details on what we would plan to do, and instructions on how we would move forward from there if you wish to do so.

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In the email provide:

1. How many pages you need.

2. How many images you wish to have added.

3. A basic overview of what you wish the site to look like. If you have examples of other sites that is great.

4. What is your timeframe for completion, and what is your approximate budget?