Maine SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Witt Web Designs has a track record of success in the SEO realm that dates back as far as 5 years ago. With just 1 package for he is BY FAR the #1 site evaluations and septic design company in all of Maine, whereas before he competed with many other companies for the top. We took another company, Yaz Towing out of Portland Maine and have made them the #1 towing business in Southern Maine. We took our own web design website from being a small 1 man show with results on back pages of google to now where we are by far the #1 ranked web design company in the State, with a PR2 ranking which is better then any other design studio, and most of them have about 10x the staff as us.

Our “On Site SEO Methods” Include:

  • SEO Analysis: where we determine the best possible meta keywords and prominently searched terms within the niche and make a report.
  • SEO Keywording/Descriptions: Using the results from the SEO analysis we go through and input the best keywords possible, and we generate descriptions using these keywords for all pages, and posts.
  • Sitemap Verification/Optimization: we make sure that your sitemap is there, and if it isn’t we create one.
  • Optimize Website Loading Speed: Google and other search engines use speed as a factor to determine page ranking. We install all of the necessary software and tools to make sure your website is operating at max speed.
  • Social Media Consultation: We first analyze which pages you already have, and which you need. From there we create the needed pages, and display them on the site prominently.
  • Mobile Website SEO: we make sure you have a functioning mobile site, and then we integrate all of the social media and SEO previously integrated into the main site if it has not transferred by default.

Our “Off Site SEO Methods” Include:

  • Directory Submission
  • Link Building (backlinks)
  • Article Writing / Article Submission (backlinks)
  • Social Media Posting and Strategic product placement
  • Google Adsense Setup / Creation / Optimization (if client wants to use it

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